Post number 2


Okay so they say the first post is the hardest. Really?  Because I feel a little stuck. I was talking with my sister while laughing asking what should I do now.   Sister- “see this is why have never started a blog”. GREAT!  The funny thing is I think everyone of my sisters should blog.  I have three sisters by the way.   They are so creative, cool, fun and all have the cutest little families.  Ahhhh sigh missing them all now.

DSC_2102DSC_2138One of the hardest parts about living overseas is for sure missing family and friends. Food, and culture after time it seems to get more normal. You learn how things are done and so you do it.  The hardest part is missing family and making new friends.  Friends who you can call at anytime for help or just come and hang out to watch an episode of tv, or bring you bagels because you are having a bad day. (They don’t have bagels here, you have to go to a special shop… weird. I love bagels and cream cheese). I feel very blessed to have meet some awesome friends and starting to finally feel like I have the friends where they can show up at my house and it looks like a bomb went off, and not have them judge you because they know you are doing your best.

DSC_2039Here are the kids with some of our chickens. They are really sweet chickens and love us a little more then I would like.  Coco tries to catch them. It might be one of my favorite things she does. That and yell at the dog.  Right now we have 15 chickens and 13 turkeys…Thanksgiving is going to be amazing this year. For those of you who don’t live in America do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  I love thanksgiving. There is no pressure about gifts, just food and thankfulness. Plus my birthday is the next day!
We had no idea when we moved to Sweden we would be living like this “a little homestead”.  Totally not what my husband and I had ever done before.  We went from going to the beach, surfing,  and fishing to herding sheep, collecting eggs and chasing turkeys. Its hilirous if you ask me.  I totally pictured us living downtown Gothenburg sipping lattes wearing all black being all Swedish and all. Totally not what God had in mind for us.  Funny how things work out.  This journey has been so not what I pictured but its better. There are at times I do wish I lived in the heart of the city, but letting my kids enjoy the country as been one of the greatest joys.


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Aloha – Hej


DSC_2151WOW 2015 has come so fast. I feel like it was yesterday my family and I moved from Hawaii to Sweden.  It has just been three years since we moved and I feel like so much has happened. I have grown in so many ways physically (two pregnancies) , emotionally, and spiritually.  What a journey it has been.  I will not say it has been easy because let me tell you it hasn’t, its been hard, frustrating, annoying but over all its has been amazing.  I  have learned to love it here. Bloom where you are planted… right! There is no point in making your self unhappy just because its difficult for you.  So I choose joy!  I have learned to love this country,  the people, the culture and so much more.DSC_2127

Oh my gosh the language, please shoot me now.  I just want to understand everything and speak it well. In time, in time.  It doesn’t help as soon as we got here I became pregnant with our Coco Joy and then 9 months after having her I became pregnant again with little Majken.  Yes I know so soon.  It is cold here alright!  HAHAH   My son Le’i has learned the language so fast and speaks so well (he was 4.5 when we moved here).  I am so jealous how well he was able to pick it up. Such a proud mama.

Honestly I haven’t been able to do as much as I hoped since moving to Sweden.  Having babies and moving to a new country is what we call huge culture change.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. I do wish I would have been able to study Swedish a bit more but they don’t allow you to bring babies to class :). I haven’t been the best to study at home (people who finally get there kids to sleep and then study are saints…really).  I can’t wait to explore Sweden now that I feel like I don’t have new borns or feel like a whale. If you have any tips on places to see or must do let me know.

So follow us for funny stories, cute kid pictures, adventures of having a little farm, learning how to cook, how to teach my children and how they teach me. Living life in Sweden.  Random inspirations, home decor, styling and well my favorite of all traveling. I am going to state this now we are anything but normal.

Anyways this is not what I thought my first blog post was going to be about, but its my journal and I guess this just might be how it goes.  I am not really sure how this blog is going to go. I don’t have a set plan.  I just want it to be a journal about our life, the things I love and well what I feel like writing.  I really want to commit to writing as much as I can. If no one reads this great and if people do welcome to our little spot on the web. Leave a comment so I can peek into your little space.  Would love to make friends here.DSC_2023

Cheers to all that lies ahead.  Choose JOY, Choose HAPPINESS as it will make your life so much better.  The grass is greener where you water it.


all images by captured by elin