Risk and Fear


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“Risk opens the door to opportunity” -Blue Bloods

How good is this quote? So good it just slapped you in the face! Right! This is my motto for this season! I am really trying to brake out into new things this year.  I have been wanting to do some of these things for years (this blog being one of them) and I have just let day by day go by because of fear or scared of the risk.  It is almost stupid when I think about it.  Instead of being annoyed with myself and just decieded to take small steps daily towards the direction of where I want to be in the next coming year.  It’s hard but I think it will be so worth it.

My friend James just started his youtube channel click here.  His first video is about becoming an idea machine and basically developing your muscle in your brain.  Its pretty interesting. So you have to write 10 ideas a day on different subjects.  He is doing it off of a book which I can’t remember at the moment and I don’t feel like watching the video again, but I am interested to try this. I feel like I come up with ideas all the time but I fail to execute things.  Which is the worst part. If you don’t execute who cares if you have a brilliant idea. It is just an idea. So basically I just want to see if this inspires more creative outlets for me or just makes me feel overwhelmed with all my ideas.  Please just slap me.

I am not going to post what I write every day here because that I not what this space if for, I was however very surprised with how this one prompt made me think.   The prompt was write down things you don’t like and see how you can be greatful for them.  I like to think I am positive person and grateful for a lot things.

gustation,kids,pika,modern design,scandiic design, modern design,  I write often in a journal what I am thankful, but I never sit down and think what do I don’t like.  So it actually took me a while to find things.  After I sat down and did it I was pretty shocked at how it made me feel. A lot of things where changing habits.

So even more now I want to embrace fear, I want to feel it, touch it and walk through it. I want to take risks that take my breath away that make me have a dance party in my living (ok i have those everyday….really) I want to see how my small little nothing dream becomes a reality.  No longer in my head and heart but in my hand and in the hands of others.

Its time to set off!  Ok so what that really means is its time for some really hard work.

A year from now you may wish you had started today -Karen Lamb


Mothers day a perfect day to get back in the game.

So if you are looking at the dates on this blog you can see I haven’t  been a good blogger. I was in the forest walking with my dog wondering why I felt like I had things to say but then would sit and trash everything I wrote.  I think I finally came to my conclusion…….I just want to ME!  Blogging was pressure, I felt like I needed everything to be perfect in order to blog.  Perfect pictures and amazing content.

I am so far from perfect…… I absolutely suck at house cleaning but can’t stand when the house is a mess.  That works really well…. not.  I drink way to much coffee and stay up way to late.  Most likely on my phone to much, I suck at knowing how to dress the kids for the snow.  I snooze way to long and then we run around like crazy people in the morning (this is my speciality).  I laugh when I really really shouldn’t it it is a real problem, and so much more. I don’t want to bore you with all my special gifts.

I am not perfect. So I am just going to be free!  If you like me……. you will stay……..you don’t you might be a troll I just have to keep deleting…… just leave.


So back to mothers day. I had an amazing mothers day. Mainly because I forgot it was mothers day and had zero expectations (for my husband lets all be honest). I saw my husband get up early for a Sunday and  thought “thats strange”. I tend to take the kids on the weekends and let him sleep (he is usually up by 5am on the weekdays).   I see he is getting up and taking the kids! WAHOO turn over, spread out and take over all the sheets.

All of sudden I hear them all coming back up stairs…….NO!  Then I hear Coco’s sweet little voice we can’t say Happy Mothers Day to her she is still sleeping. All of them come in sing  to the melody of happy birthday but changing it to happy mothers day. I love it. They bring me breakfast in bed and then my husband had a list of questions for the kids to answer. They where so funny and random.  My sons favorite thing I do for him is his laundry…..ummm maybe I need to work on that relationship a bit more. Or maybe because when I tell to clean his room everything ends up in the laundry. It was a beautiful Swedish day (lets just take a moment and savor that) ok good. All sunny days here need to be processed because there so far in between.  So me and the girls went out side and made necklaces.   Ahh they where so cute Majken is so random any color any bead, any color on the other hand Coco wants to count the beads, color coordinate and is meticulous.

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Stefan then said the kids where going down to his dads which is nothing out of the normal (he is our neighbor). They came back and surprised me with baked cake. So we had a little fika and just hung out it was so fun. They set out my china and the girls just loved drinking out of them for the first time(I am praying don’t break with a smile).  It was so fun and totally what I loved… and I am determined to use the china more with them.   My present was plants.  Say what!   I am sure you are reading this and going what plants, yes I really wanted plants for the garden. Plants are expensive and not really top on our need list.  plus we had to stop and get milk shakes.  It was simple, it was sweet, and just what I need.  Happy Mothers Day to all you fantastic mothers.




Its been a while

Well so much for trying to blog often.  HAHA life is busy. Life is hard, life is beautiful and sometimes its hard to make time.  I am truly going to try and make time for this little blog. Because the few posts I have written I love reading and seeing what I was thinking.  In order to have a full journal one must write. So here it goes again.


Here is us at Coco’s 3rd birthday! HAHAH three! Please stop time. I am truly blessed with these gems.  I love them and they complete me in a way I will never be able to write or speak.